20 Questions (or more)

I didn’t really know what to write today. My air-conditioning has been broken, but I decided I should blog anyway? I know I’m not really doing YAV yet, but I’m in the process of getting started. I had a placement interview today, it was pretty cool! I’m getting more excited about it. Tomorrow I have to make a list of all the stuff I’m going to store so I can figure out what size Uhaul I need. Then I have to list my apartment for sublet. Also, gotta do some research on things I’ll need for going there, and figure out what I need to buy, and what I already have (like…I don’t have hiking boots. That’s important.) So I decided today’s post is going to be an in depth get to know you. My goal for this year is to be open and honest about everything!

Here goes! My answers are in TEAL PS I totally found this in Seventeen magazine through a google search. NO SHAME!

My full name is Rachel Elisabeth Lovins aka Rachla

I was born on May 31, 1988 (It was a blue moon!)

I am a United States citizen and this makes me feel happy? Some days more than others

My star sign is Gemini, not that it really matters

My parents are Robert (dad) and Linda (Stepmom). Kaye was my mom.

I have one siblings, Reuben

I am currently a music teacher. I’m leaving for a bit, I’m sure I’ll be back though!

What I like about my job is getting to teach students, but also learn from them! The mutual impact we have on each other.

What I dislike about my job is some days it feels like what I do doesn’t really make a difference, because all anyone seems to care about is testing.

I am saving up for life because I need to be able to do things when I finish YAV 🙂

My home is in Atlanta and I have lived here for three years.

My friends are the Humans of North Ave and other teachers, and they’re all nerds and weirdos but they’re MY nerds and weirdos 😉 (JK I LOVE YOU ALL!)

I love people who are in the business of being people. 

My favorite activities include binge watching random shows I haven’t, karaoke, cooking, music in general and I love to do this because well…it’s fun?

My favorite color is teal because it reminds me of ….teal? 

I love to say words, lots of them and my most over-used saying is probably “I’m just saying”

My favorite meal involves Korean food or sushi and my favorite snack food is cheese

I consider myself to be neither healthy nor unhealthy and fitness is sort of important to me. This is due to factors such as I’m working on the health thing, and I like swimming and such, but sometimes laziness occurs. Also Ice cream exists. And other things.

Changes to my lifestyle I would like to make include more activity in my life, being more proactive, downsizing so I can be less cluttered.

I am YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!!! Actually, probably just messy.

I sometimes lose (because absolutes are fallacies!) things

I don’t need to change anything about my life or lifestyle because this question is weird?

The person who supports me the most is My parents or my brother or my friends and in my life they have helped me to take risks and try new things. To understand that sometimes change is good.

The best time of the day to me is night time because I don’t get sunburned…..also because it’s cooler outside.

I like both sunrise and sunset the most because who doesn’t? It’s just beautiful to watch.

I need to have coffee every day. Seriously, you don’t want to see what happens when I don’t.

I hope to hear ALL THE ORCHESTRAS!!! No really…

I want to see HAMILTON D: Sadly, this is the unattainable dream

I am frightened by strange men approaching me in dark places at night and this makes me your average human female. (too real?)

My favorite movie of all time is the Sound of Music (not kidding)

My greatest inspiration is Music.

My all-time role model is Julie Andrews because she’s the best person ever. Seriously.

I would like to be like Christ because he worried less about the rules of life as presented by society and more about the messy business of being human and how to love others around them.

I respect Bernie Sanders because he is the most honest politician I’ve ever seen. He’s been saying the same things for the last 30 years regardless of how popular or unpopular his opinion was, and he actually listens to his constituents (AKA DOES HIS JOB)


When I was little I remember that I was a weird kid.

I felt all the emotions because I was human?

My childhood was generally positive and this is because my family is super close and also very supportive of being yourself.

My family is amazing and this is because all the reasons. Seriously, they’re just the best

The good times I remember were playing charades, uno, spades, marco polo, make believe games, video games, going to the beach, watching tv. Just everything.

The hard times I can remember include when my mom died, when my Pawpaw and Doodah died.

I always found school to be fun and this is because I love to learn!

The best teacher I ever had was Scott Leaman because he didn’t let me make excuses for myself or just give up and that made me realize that sometimes, you just have to knuckle down and try harder.

The worst teacher I ever had was this TA that taught some science class because he/she had horrible grammar and pronounced protein all weird and that made me realize that I really dislike when native speakers of the English language don’t care enough to learn the use of their own language.

The music I like to listen to is pretty much everything because it sounds like music and makes me feel fun? Smart? I don’t know it depends on the day.

I grew up thinking that I wanted to be a performer professionally.

I changed when I moved to Atlanta and allowed myself to actually open up to people

The first concert event I ever went to was probably an orchestra concert at somewhere I don’t remember and I went with my parents. There’s a funny story about it.

I found the experience of being in a large crowd to be usually fun, as long as it’s a place I want to be.

The best holiday I ever had was thanksgiving when I went to Mississippi with my family and we laughed, talked, spent time together, played games

The best thing anyone has ever said to me is get out of your own head and just do it!

The worst thing anyone has ever said to me is you show no evidence of caring for any of your students.

What no one has ever told me is yer a wizard, Harry!

My first crush on someone was a long time ago because I don’t remember it and it happened when I liked that person because they were cute

The first time someone had a crush on me was I don’t know and it felt unknown because I didn’t know it happened and it turned out to be unknown because I didn’t know it.

The most fun I ever had was when I went to Italy and sang a lot because I got to sing in St. Peter’s Basilica!

In the past I have been hurt by someone when they made exceptionally negative statements about something important to me because it fed the feeling I have that I’m not good at what I do, to the point that I’m taking a break from it.

In the past I have hurt many people, I’m sure when I spoke before I thought about it because sometimes I can be really very blunt, and it’s not always good and I feel sorry about it

My most successful day was when I was able to have my students sightread for the first time.

I received recognition when I have done many things. I’m lucky.

I am proud that I have had an impact on the lives of others

I look back at my life and I feel that I am still getting to know myself because I’m constantly changing and evolving.

The greatest lesson I learned was you can always call home and I learned it when all the time, because I have the best folks ever!

The wisest thing anyone ever told me was love one another as I have loved you and it helped me to realize that part of loving others is being open and honest, and not closing myself off.

The first time I was scared was when I don’t know. lol.

The last time I went out was yesterday, for a rehearsal!

The highlight of my school years was every concert, musical, or performance.

The greatest risk I ever took was when I decided to not sign my contract for next year with no other job offer.

The best result I ever got was when I decided to apply for the YAV program and got placed in Tucson!

The worst thing that ever happened to me was losing my mom.

The peak experience of my teen years was getting into FSU!

The craziest thing that ever happened to me was the time I met Sir Ian McKellan

The funniest thing that ever happened to me was I’m not sure.

The last thing I purchased was groceries!


In my teens I hope to achieve well I wanted to get into music school, so check!

In my twenties I hope to achieve a knowledge of God’s plan for my life.

In my thirties I hope to achieve maybe getting married, kids, etc.

In my forties I hope to achieve enjoying life even more!

When I am older I would like to be the crazy old lady with crazy colored hair, tattoos, and piercings (I think I’m already well on my way!)

When I am older I would like to do lots of stuff!

I would love to travel to everywhere because the world is awesome?!

I think marriage is a pretty neat thing

I would like/would not like to be married…one day!

I think children are awesome and I would maybe like to have children/adopt children

I think having a career is cool and I would like to be sure that what I’m doing is right so that I can have fun with my life

The goals I have include being on jeopardy

I am looking forward to exploring a new city

I am worried about always being sunburned

I am confident that this experience will be life changing

I feel uncertain of what the next year will bring and what experiences I have

I know for sure that this next year will be something I could never forget


I love life!

I believe that God has a plan for me.

I am happy when I am trying new things.

I feel comfortable in a choir.

I need to try new things

I think that I will learn a lot about myself this year.

I have an instinct about people

My dreams are to bring music with me wherever I go!

It is important to take time to be quiet

I am upset about the current political circus that is occuring

I find memes funny/hilarious

I find the lack of care for other human beings in need to be sad/devastating

I am joyful about my next journey in life
I am waiting until after my friend’s before I dye my hair crazy colors!

I am in love with tattoos because they are a physical, artistic representation of my personality and more!
I am grieving about the death of my cousin, Kyle.
I am concerned that I will not accomplish my goals in life.
I am conflicted by knowing how best to serve the needs of the disenfranchised.
I am confused that Donald Trump is the Republican nominee
I am angry that people would really think that this xenophobic, misogynistic, racist, horrible little man would be a better president than literally anyone else running.
I am sorry about getting political (no really…)
I am interested in learning other languages and new things.
I am thrilled by getting to be a YAV!
I would like to be a good person
I would like to have the opportunity to affect change
I would like to change the world, so that all people are truly equal
I am scared that I won’t be successful in my life
My most secret desire is to fall madly in love (for real though)
I like it when I get to spend time with people I love.
I dislike it when people are overtly negative about things they don’t fully understand
I love how the stars look when you’re away from light pollution
I hate it when I feel useless
I have the strangest feeling that this year is truly going to change my life.
I find nature beautiful and it soothes me
I think that I cannot give up music
I find hatred ugly as it tears us all apart
I think life is silly because is just silly!
I think poverty and homelessness is tragic because we have the power to fix it, we have enough to end it, and we don’t
What no one realizes about me is I really don’t understand how to take compliments, they make me feel super awkward
I see with my eyes.
I find it easy to sing!
I find it hard to study and practice D:
I am at my best when I’m watching students finally get what I’ve been trying to get them to experience or understand.
I can do anything through Christ, who strengthens me!
I am tired of not taking risks
I am excited by new adventures!
I hope that this year is transformative!
My destiny is to live life and experience the glory of God!


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