Saturday, Lazy Day

I’m enjoying a relaxing day, making my list of stuff that’s going while listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on Audible. I probably have an unhealthy love for the HP franchise, but I can’t help it! I’m beyond excited about the Cursed Child script being released, and about Fantastic Beasts coming out.

I’ve started working on getting to know my fellow Tucson YAVs and am super excited to meet them all! I hope we all get on well, as I’ve had roommates where we didn’t rub so well together, and it was pretty much the worst. I think this situation will be different though. There’s something about being in bible studies and prayer with people that makes it hard to have a totally antagonistic relationship, at least in my experience. You can still not be the best of friends, but it’s hard to actually hate them. My air conditioning got fixed yesterday, and I have to say Abela Minerva, my sweet kitty girl, is so much happier. She’s been sitting in the direct stream of it since it started working. Poor thing was so warm!

As I make my list, I’ve been trying to think of things I can do without, even after my YAV year, or two, or however long I’m gone. I feel like this is a good chance for me to do some downsizing. I’ve discussed this recently with Linda, my stepmom, but I figure it can be discussed here too. I compulsively collect stuff. It has been my (ineffective) way of dealing with depression and anxiety. The sad part about it is, once it becomes clutter, it ADDS to the ADHD and anxiety mess that is my brain. Now seems like the best time to actually deal with it. There’s so much that I just don’t use or wear. Now admittedly, some of it is not stuff I’d get rid of, like my music. I can’t use all of it everyday, but it makes no sense to get rid of it. Likewise my costume stuff. I know it’s silly, but having that bin makes me so happy. Anytime I find out we’re doing a costume party, it’s the best to be able to go there and be like “okay, what am I this time?!” but like…do I really need 30 pair of shoes? I never wear half of them! Someone else can use some of them. Ditto clothes. Especially because I get to be a bit more casual this year! I’m kind of excited, for the last like…8 years of my life it’s been all professional wear all the time. It will be nice to be able to be more casual.

As the days slowly tick by, it feels like the count down Harry did to Hogwarts every summer (seriously, I wasn’t kidding about my obsession). I think it’s mostly because this is the most unknown thing I’ve done in quite a while. As I’ve said in a previous post, I’ve been in a classroom in someway most days of a year since preschool. As much as every year was a little different, they weren’t that different. This year, I’m walking into a new city, a new position, a new way of living, and everything. I’m walking away (for a time) from people who have made my life the best it has ever been. I’m walking away from the place that taught me how to actually be in community and trust that everything would work out. I’m walking away from being on a livable salary, into living simply. I’m nervous and excited. I hope it all works out.

That’s all today, time to continue my list!

Toodle Pip!



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