An open letter to my extended family

After seeing a meme declaring democrats had shown themselves as Anti-American, not just anti-trump posted by a family member I decided it was enough. And that I needed to get things off my chest. A lot of things. It’s not in hate it is purely because I have decided the best way for me to love them and myself is to be honest.

Trump branded himself as anti american by refusing to follow the almost full congressional vote to sanction russia. Because he is a traitor. I love all of you dearly but if you honestly think my mother would be proud of how you are treating other humans and talking about people, including me, as part of this, if you really think this is christian, you are sadly mistaken. He is not christian. He is far from it. He is full of hatred and rage and he proves it more and everyday. Welcome the stranger. Feed the hungry. Provide for the widow and the orphan. Love one another because I first loved you.

Did you know America First was the motto of both the early KKK and those Americans who supported Nazis during world war II? Did you know that Joe Arpaio, who was pardoned by trump has tortured animals and said concentration camps were a great idea? As well as detaining people out in arizona heat in the middle of summer.

All of the things he’s taking credit for are residual from Obama’s presidency because none of the handful of laws they have managed to pass in his first year didn’t go into effect until jan. 1.

Further more, I need you and others in our family to understand that those you speak of with disdain and as other, as less than, without understanding “illegals”, the homeless, african americans who do kneel and participate in black lives matter are a part of my community. They are my friends, my family who is not of blood but very much of the heart. These are people who want the right to exist on a level playing field because you know what, right now they don’t. Right now, I watch those I work with struggle and beat the pavement daily. Beaten down, hurt, exhausted. They struggle to find work, to find housing, everything. The migrant community is a CRUCIAL part of the fabric here. THEY DIDN’T CROSS THE BORDER. THE BORDER CROSSED THEM. Have you ever been to the wall? Are you aware of how big the wall is? How massive? That it has infared sensors and giant towers and all terrain vehicles and that we literally pay border patrol agents to go hiking? I’ve been multiple times now. Did you know that the tanking of both the farming industry in our country and mexico was caused by our own government? And it was not partisan and trump has not a goddamned bit of interest in fixing it because he benefits because he is one of them. He is a billionaire he gives not one iota of a shit about any of us.

Let’s continue, shall we, because I love you and truth is part of love, right? That’s why God sent Jesus, to testify to the truth.

So here’s my truth. My own family voted for a racist who happens to also be a rapist. As a victim of rape and sexual assault that tells me that your body politic matters more than the actual values. Repealing the affordable care act matters more than taking care of those that have chronic and pre-existing conditions. I would love to continue doing work like I’m doing. I feel called to it, but the reality is now i have to choose between the work god is calling me to do and being able to be on medications for my epilepsy, migraines, depression, and anxiety. At not even 30, if i can’t find a job that provides me health insurance i could be unable to afford my prescriptions. I have to choose. Your generation could afford a house on a job that didn’t require and education. Mine can’t on two jobs with multiple higher degrees without debt. And yet we’re the snowflakes. God tells us to take care of people. But you’re saying the correct way, the American way is to refuse to care for people. This is disgusting and unchristian and I cannot begin to fathom where in scripture or life you learned this. My mother never taught me that. Nor my father. Which leads me to assume neither of my grandmother’s taught that.

Which leads me to the last bit i need to do here. As someone who identifies somewhere on the spectrum between straight, bisexual, pansexual, and demisexual, I find the way this administration treats the LGBTQIA community abhorrent. Religious freedom means you are free to practice in your way and I in mine. But the instant your religion encroaches on my civil rights and safety, that becomes a problem.

The way you and others act and speak about these has prevented me, for a long time from being able to be fully myself and I’m done with that. It’s on blast. It’s going further on blast because either y’all need to accept it and change or it’ll be a bit before you see me again.

Because I’d rather be myself and happy with my chosen family than feel trapped and hated with the family I was born to. Because I know this. My mother would have accepted me and loved me, and all others, as God does and showed it by NOT spreading hatred.


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