This blog is the continued blog of Rachel Lovins Second year Young Adult Volunteer at the Tucson Borderlands YAV site 2017-2018. She has just spent a year at the Tucson Borderlands YAV site as of August 1st in 2016-2017 and therefore is also a YAV Alum. This year, she is looking forward to more biking, including bike modifications (the headwinds on the ride to work really make her want some sweet new handlebars) and plenty of tacos.

Last year she worked at the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona. This year, she is working at Sister Jose Women’s Center. Both have taken her away from her previous field of Music Education. Initially when she joined YAV, Rachel thought she would be doing it for a year and return to teaching. After much agonizing discernment, many tears, guilt, and feeling angry at God, she realizing she was being called away from something she loved. She still cares about the state of the education system and feels that our political system works at the detriment of our students and teachers, but that for right now, God has something else in mind. So she decided to do this thing again.

She also discerned that, while messy, difficult, and sometimes frustrating, community living was richly rewarding and ultimately something she wanted to do for as much of her life as she could. She is exceptionally excited to build her new community with her three new housemates and meet the new groups of volunteers in Tucson, as well as continue old friendships in the wider Tucson Community.

Of course, none of this is possible without extended and far-flung community. Rachel asks you to pray and to help her in her work. Mail, letters, packages, thoughts, silly memes, comments, phone calls, donations, and all of that are welcome and encouraged. Especially fundraising donations!

If you would like to donate to the Tucson Borderlands YAV, you can do so via Paypal (on the yav site linked below!) or mail a check to the address below. A good portion of the programs funding comes from donations, so every little bit helps! Checks can be made to Tucson Borderlands YAV.

400 E University
Tucson, AZ 85705
*NOTE: Be sure to put my name in the comments so I get credit! 😀